The Simple Token Solution The Simple Token Solution

The Simple Token Solution

Launch your own Branded Tokens and turn your business into a dynamic ecosystem. The OpenST protocol enables any business to stake Simple Tokens against minting their own Branded Tokens. The Simple Token Software-as-a-Service gives you the tools to manage, customize, and analyze your token economy.

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Launch your own branded digital currency, powered by Simple Tokens. The OpenST protocol enables you to mint your Branded Tokens on open scaleable side blockchains, in a cryptographically auditable manner.

Simple Token Mint Branded Token Image Simple Token Mint Branded Token Image

OpenST Source Code


The smart contracts that implement the core of the protocol. These contracts enable a member company to stake value on Ethereum and in a cryptographically auditable way mint branded tokens on a utility side-chain. Available under Apache License 2.0.

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The web3 extension and API’s for any company to integrate their branded tokens into their consumer application. Available under GNU LGPLv3 license.

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Simple Token Sale

SimpleTokenSale is the OpenST smart contract repository for the ST public token sale. Available under the MIT License.

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Software to Manage Your Token Economy

Simple Token gives you all the tools you need to design, customize, monitor, analyze, and manage your economy.

Simple Token Design Image

Token Design

Simple Token Design Image

Setup your token brand. Set a conversion rate for your branded tokens to Simple Token. Enable custom token types and restricted tokens.


Simple Token KYC Identity Image

Tools to help you monitor your users and prevent fraudulent behavior. Know-Your-Customer (KYC) services to ensure compliance with local regulations.

Simple Token KYC Identity Image
Simple Token Wallet Image


Simple Token Wallet Image

User-friendly wallet designs that can be easily re-skinned and customized to suit your economy. Key management. Transaction history.


Simple Token Transactions Image

Enable various transaction types, such as: User incentives, customer rewards, peer-to-peer, business to consumer, recurring subscriptions, API monetization, and more!

Simple Token Transactions Image
Simple Token Ledger Image


Simple Token Ledger Image

Offer your customers user-friendly ledgers to track and audit transactions. Fully browsable and searchable, always immutable.

Rights Management

Simple Token Rights Management Image

Use your token to convey and track digital rights, copyrights, and allowable uses. Enable digital contracts attached to token transactions.

Simple Token Rights Management Image
Simple Token Rights Administration Image


Simple Token Rights Administration Image

Critical tools for your teams to manage your users and economy. Monitor supply and demand, and how users are earning and spending of your token. Fraud early warning alerts. Analytics and reports.

Member Companies

The business and technical challenge our team set out to solve with Simple Token is to enable mainstream applications to benefit from deploying their own branded crypto-backed token economies, in a scalable and cryptographically-auditable manner, without needing to mint and maintain their own publicly-tradable crypto tokens. Meet below the companies who have already joined Simple Token. Connect with us at if you are interested in exploring how the Simple Token solution can apply to your business.
Simple Token Member Companies - Pepo Image

Thousands of people use Pepo every day to share insider tips on local hot spots and travel destinations. Every time a tip is upvoted, Pepo Coin are transferred from one user to another as thanks for the tip. Pepo users will be able to spend Pepo Coin on related local and travel services such as travel advise, personalized itineraries and tours.

Simple Token Member Companies - Gushcloud Image

Gushcloud is Asia’s leading influencer marketing and entertainment network that connects audiences and brands with more than 12,000 global influencers and creators. We have been exploring tokenization across rewarding and incentivizing online influencer marketing, micro-payments, gaming, and analytics.

Simple Token Member Companies - Digital Knights Image

Digital Knights is building a network of verified development teams and innovation projects. The marketplace will be driven through the tech due diligence curation of participants and tokenized rewards and feedback mechanisms down to individual developer level. Blockchain supported features will make the marketplace transparent to all participants.

Simple Token Member Companies - Interview Bit Image

Interview Bit is a SaaS e-learning and job-discovery platform that prepared > 250,000 software engineers for companies including Amazon, Uber, Facebook and others. InterviewBit is exploring tokenizing their native coin, that users can spend on courses and coaches as they build a portfolio, to give it a tradable marketvalue.

Simple Token Member Companies - VR/AR Image

Look (by Vidi-VR)  is a VR/AR social media platform and application integrating  tokenization as a core feature for members of the community to reward and incentivize eachother for actively participating in the 3D media creation and sharing experience through elements such as bounties, ratings, and micro-payments.

Simple Token Member Companies - Floship Image

Floship is the World’s #1 international crowdfunding fulfillment provider by packages shipped; they have delivered rewards globally for over 100 of the most funded Kickstarter and Indiegogo projects. In addition to micro-payments they are exploring blockchain benefits to smooth the supply chain through their integrations with webshops and couriers.

Simple Token Member Companies - XAIN Image

XAIN builds applications using AI to secure, stabilize and scale distributed ledger networks and in turn using the blockchain verified data to develop AI products. Xain will be using the OpenST protocol to explore tokenized applications on their networks for ride-sharing and medical patient records amongst others.